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Rensi Baltics



Kosy 3 A3 long


Coordinate table

Measures of the socle,(w x l x h)

520 x 1320  x 110 mm

Height to the top parts

620 mm

Closed version

Protection type IP 2X

Distance between the steel guide rails  

140 mm

Play of the spindle          

< 0,01 mm

Travel X - Y - direction

320 x 820  mm

Travel Z - direction

108 mm

Each axis with 1 two-phase stepping motor   

>1,8 Ampere / 2,4 Volt; 1,8 °

Operating data of the coordinate table

Resolution (1 step of the stepping motor)

0,01 to 0,00125 mm

Accuracy of repetition (100 repetitions)

< 0,05 mm

Accuracy of positioning of each axis  

< 0,05 mm

Working area (Y-table)

300 x 900 mm

Max. feed, all directions/axes when used as coordinate table

33 mm/sec (2m/min)

Max. feed X-, Y-direction (in fast mode) 

100 mm/sec (6 m/min)

Max. feed X-, Y-direction   (in operating mode)

50 mm/sec

Max. feed Z-direction  (in operating mode)

33 mm/sec

Max. weight load Z-table

3 kg, optional: 5 kg

General information


230 Volt V/100 Watt


140 kg

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